January 21, 2020

We rolled out the mat with yoga instructor Kate Mason from Good Form. Sipping on booch we talked about health and Kate shared her recipe for making Earl Grey Kombucha.

Websters Tea x Kate Mason - Good Form

Hi Kate, what does a healthy day look like to you?

I love to start the day with no alarm set and by taking time to drink a delicious tea followed by a coffee. I make sure that I am eating 3 meals a day and I always try and do some sort of physical movement for myself every day, whether it's yoga, walking or surfing. 

Websters Tea Earl Grey Kombucha

We hear you've been experimenting with our Earl Grey. Would you mind sharing your kombucha recipe?

The Earl Grey Booch!

It’s the best we have made, and very simple. 


6 teaspoons of Webster's Earl Grey

6 cups of hot water

1 cup of sugar

6 cups of cold water



1. Brew 6 cups of Earl Grey tea in hot water in a bowl.

2. Pour in the sugar and stir until dissolved. Leave to sit until the water is totally cooled.

3. Pour this in with the scoby in your booch jug. 

4. Pour in 6 cups of cold water. 

5. Leave for 12 days. 

6. Bottle 3/4 of the liquid. 

We love the original flavour of the booch, but you could add in berries/fruit if you wanted to add a little saucyness to the mix! 

Websters Tea Earl Grey Kombucha

If you could sum yourself up in one yoga pose, what would it be and why?

Such a tricky question but right now I am feeling Puppy Pose (Uttana Shishosana) for two reasons: 

  1. I flipping love puppies
  2. This is my favourite resting pose on and off the mat - this stretch opens up the heart, lengthens the spine and calms the mind!

Kate Mason Good Form Yoga

Good Form offer group yoga and pilates classes in The Bay of Plenty, as well as one on one and private group sessions. For bookings and more info head to If you're wanting to make kombucha, the Earl Grey can be found here.

Thanks Kate!