December 04, 2019

Earlier in the year Amanda Flemming from Kiwifruit Country came to us with the idea to make a kiwifruit tea. We delivered! Mark strolled part of Kiwifruit Country’s 65 hectare gold and green orchard with Amanda chatting tea, kiwifruit and summer.

Webster's Tea x Kiwifruit Country

Hi Amanda! Controversial, Chinese Gooseberry or Kiwifruit?

Definitely Kiwifruit! When the Chinese Gooseberry was introduced into NZ 1904, nurserymen hybridised the long, skinny sour Chinese Gooseberries into what they are today - the Green Hayward Variety. Beautiful fat round, sweet kiwifruit.


Awhile back you approached us suggesting we make a kiwifruit tea. How did this idea come about? 

I was sitting at my computer doing admin sipping on Webster’s peppermint tea, I looked at my cup and thought I bet Webster’s Tea could make a beautiful Kiwifruit tea. I emailed Mark then and there :)

Kiwifruit Tea Webster's Tea

Mine's pavlova, what's your favourite way to eat kiwifruit?

Scooped straight out of the skin, perfectly ripened, nothing better and so healthy!

Kiwifruit Country

Kiwifruit Country is located at 316 State Highway 33, just out of Paengaroa. They’re open every day 9-5 (except Xmas) and tours run on the hour from 10am until 4pm. Kiwifruit product tastings available in the tasting room, delicious kiwifruit ice cream and now our kiwifruit tea

Thanks Amanda!