Earl Grey Latte

Earl Grey Latte

The shortest day may be done and dusted but the polar blasts aren’t letting up just yet. All the more reason to hunker down and channel those snugly winter vibes. This month we’re doing just that by sharing a warming take on our Earl Grey tea with a tea latte recipe.

Earl Grey London Fog

Light citrusy bergamot, lemon, and vanilla notes, teamed with a bold black tea make our Earl Grey, our most popular blend. Hitting all the right notes, for all the right reasons the classic Earl Grey we've built upon has won the hearts of many worldwide, almost 200 years on from its noteworthy beginning. 

Earl Grey Latte

Turns out the British Prime Minister it was named after back in 1830 was quite the guy. Earl Charles Grey abolished slavery, reformed child labour laws across Great Britain and acquired the namesake for Earl Grey Tea all during his short reign.

Heilala Vanilla Paste

The history of a Tea Latte, also known as London Fog, however is quite controversial. It is believed, although debated, to come from Vancouver, Canada. Much like your Chai Latte or Matcha Latte the tea base, traditionally Earl Grey, is accompanied with a dash of sweetener and steamed milk. Ours paying extra attention to the Heilala vanilla paste to create an almost dessert like experience.

Milk frother

Dubbed a hug in a mug, this one is perfect for these chilly days where a little extra comfort is required. So snuggle in and make the most of the cool temperatures with this simple twist on an old favourite.

Earl Grey Latte

Websters London Fog Recipe

Makes 2 cups



400ml of your chosen milk

1/4 tsp vanilla paste or extract - we used Heilala’s pure vanilla paste. 

2 tbsp Webster’s Earl Grey

100ml not quite boiling water

Cornflowers (optional) 



  • Brew the Earl Grey in the hot water for 4mins. 
  • While you’re waiting for the tea to brew, warm the milk in a pan with the vanilla paste but don’t let it boil. 
  • Once it’s nice and hot, pour it into a coffee plunger and repeatedly press the plunger to froth, then set aside. 
  •  Strain the tea, halving it between two cups. Pour the steamed milk into the tea (you can use a spoon to help here).
  • Sprinkle loose cornflowers on top and enjoy! 


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