Pineapple Mojito

Pineapple Mojito

Hey friends, this month we’re shining light on our new Pineapple Herbal Tea as the days continue to get shorter. We’re not thrilled summer is over, but these crisp mornings, bluebird days and cooler nights might just be the best tea drinking weather of all! And our new blend has you covered across the board. With pineapple and roasted coconut as the hero flavours it goes well both hot and as an iced tea, or in this case muddled and served on ice…

Tea Cocktail

We’ve found another way to enjoy this brew by making a delicious, pineapple, coconut and mint tea cocktail to show off the versatility of our favourite new herbal blend. 

Below we share the recipe with the addition of Eastern Congo Fever Tree Tonic infused with the softness of cucumber. Sweetened with a little coconut sugar it welcomes the Pineapple Herbal Tea for the perfect balance. Throw some fragrant Vietnamese mint and fresh lime in there along with some hearty white rum, or go virgin and leave on hand in the refrigerator for a damn good option all day long.

Tea Cocktail

Pineapple Mojito Recipe 

Makes 4 standard glasses 


4 tbsp Webster’s Pineapple Herbal Tea

400ml cold water

330ml Fever-tree Cucumber Infused Tonic Water (or alternatively, steep 8 slices of cucumber in 330ml of soda water overnight, strain, and use in place of)

1 cucumber

4 tsp coconut sugar (or raw sugar)

A big handful of mint (we mixed Vietnamese Mint & common mint)

1 lime, cut into 8 wedges

4 shots of white rum (optional)




Add 4tbsp of pineapple herbal tea and 400ml of cold water to a tea pot and steep overnight in the fridge, then strain.

In each glass, squeeze the juice from two wedges of lime (and then throw them in), a tsp of coconut sugar, 4-6 mint leaves and one shot of rum and muddle until fragrant. Add enough ice to half the glass.

Add 100ml of pineapple herbal tea, 2 ribboned cucumber slices (we used a peeler and peeled the slices long ways) and top up with your choice of either the Tonic Water or Soda water.  

Store the leftovers in the fridge for a few days for a refreshing option all day long (or ahem, after midday for those with rum).



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