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Like tea, coffee, chocolate or wine, time and place affect the flavour, texture and colour of the honey, giving it its unique character. Each bottle can be traced back to its source, vintage, region and beekeeper.

Mānuka - J. Friend and Co NZ Artisan Manuka Honey is dark amber in colour. It is a complex, intense and chewy honey with rich toffee and caramel flavours and coconut, woody, nutty notes. This honey has a slightly bitter lingering finish and a very smooth pleasant texture.

Beechwood - J.Friend and Co, NZ Artisan Beechwood Honeydew Honey is a true connoisseur’s honey. It is a naturally dark amber liquid honey, resembling golden syrup, with a bold pungent nose. It has floral and rose flavours with earthy undertones and hints of vanilla and malt. 
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