Tangerine Tonic Recipe

Tangerine Tonic Recipe

Fancy a refreshing ice tea beverage? This simple recipe uses our new limited release Tangerine tea with the addition of tonic water and a garnish of your choice. It delivers the citrusy sweetness of the tea with a touch of fizz. Delicious! 

Tangerine iced tea recipe


Tangerine herbal tea



Tonic water

A garnish of your choice. We love The Drying Room products. Fresh mint and fruit work equally well! 


Make a 1 litre of concentrated cold brew tea. For this add 10 tbsp of the Tangerine tea into a large jar, add 1.2L of cold water, cover and refrigerate overnight (8 to 12 hours). Strain tea leaves out. 

In a ice filled glass add roughly 1/3 concentrated tea, topping up with tonic water. Add your choice of garnish and enjoy! 

Tangerine Tonic

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    Sounds delicious going to give it a go 👍

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