Tea With Dad

Tea With Dad

Meet Webster Snr., my Dad, Malcolm Webster. He has always been supportive of my endeavours, especially Webster's Tea. He recently turned 70 so I took it upon myself to ask him some questions... over a cup of tea of course! 

Malcolm the tea shed
*Dad painting the tea shed in the early days of Webster's Tea.

Hi Dad, congrats on 70! A few miles under the hood now. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I was born in Auckland with the first family home I can recall at Kyber Pass, a few doors up from the pub on the corner with Broadway. I guess that dates me somewhat!

I attended Kelston Boys
and Auckland Uni before joining a predecessor firm to KPMG. I travelled to Canada on an OE before a move to Tauranga where I set up my own accounting firm. I have three children and nine grandchildren, who all live in Tauranga. 

What’s one piece of advice that has served you well over the years?

Whatever you choose to do, commit to it, 100%. Don’t drift.


Malcolm and Mark Webster

*Dad and I, around 4 months old. 

When did you start drinking tea?

I can’t recall exactly when, but tea has always been the drink of choice for the family. I remember my grandmother had an extremely large teapot that had top up after top up. More tea leaves were thrown in if there was any suspicion of it being too weak. How far we’ve come!

These days my days start with a Webster’s English Breakfast followed by Earl Grey throughout the day.

If you could have tea with anyone who would it be and why?

Barack Obama. I think he would be tremendous company: intelligent, urbane, humourous. My hero.

Malcolm Webster

Thanks and happy birthday Dad!