Essentials for Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

Essentials for Brewing Loose Leaf Tea

There's a sense of slowness and beauty when it comes to brewing loose-leaf tea. Perhaps because it's an opportunity to experience something more meaningful, rather than simply dunking a tea bag in hot water - a ritual that is gentle and comforting. One you can continually look forward to, despite the busyness of daily life.

But what tools do you actually need to brew loose-leaf tea at home? Today, we're sharing a handful of practical options, no matter how well equipped your kitchen might be.

Loose leaf tea infuser

1. First of all, we're championing the simplicity of a single cup infuser. For the everyday tea-drinker who enjoys a cup for themselves, you'll love the ease of popping an infuser straight into your favourite mug. The Webster's Tea Infuser is made from durable stainless steel with an ultra-fine mesh basket. This keeps the small leaves in place while allowing the larger tea leaves plenty of room to expand for a more beautiful-tasting brew.

Loose leaf tea infuser

2. If you're brewing tea for 2 or more, you'll love the nostalgic feel of a teapot. We especially recommend one with an infuser built in such as our ceramic 1-2 cup or 2-3 cup pot. If you prefer a clean and minimal aesthetic, our medium or large glass teapots allow you to see the vibrant colour of your loose-leaf tea as it steeps. Plus, you couldn't find a better vessel for making cold-brew tea (find our simple method here).

Loose leaf tea pot

3. In the absence of a tea-specific infuser, your humble coffee plunger can be an excellent alternative! Just be sure to give it a thorough clean out first using detergent and hot water to ensure there aren't any lingering coffee flavours left behind.

loose leaf tea pot

4. Found yourself at the beach house with a very basic kitchen? If you're in a pinch, a slotted spoon or classic plastic-rimmed sieve can be used to strain your tea leaves. You'll need two vessels: one to brew in, and another to strain into. It might not be as clean and tidy as a tea infuser, but sometimes you have to get creative and make the most of what you have!

Ready to dive into the beautiful world of loose-leaf tea? Browse our practical range of tea accessories here.

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