Why Drink Loose Leaf Tea?

Why Drink Loose Leaf Tea?


Over the last few years, we've noticed a resurgence in the popularity of loose leaf tea, with more and more tea drinkers opting for this 'slower' and more intentional option. But besides looking pretty and seeming more luxurious, is loose leaf tea actually better?

If centuries of tea-drinking rituals have taught us anything, it's that loose leaf tea truly is the most desirable option. Not only is the flavour and quality far superior, loose leaf tea is gentler on the environment, and its health benefits are unparalleled compared to most bagged tea. 

Put the kettle on, why don't you, and let's discover why loose leaf tea is the better choice. 


Loose leaf tea

Does loose leaf tea taste better?


First and foremost, let's chat about tea's most important aspect - how it tastes! Loose leaf tea is made from whole leaves rather than low-quality tea "dust fannings" found in mass-produced tea bags. This 'tea' pretty much blows the taste of your brew to smithereens giving you a bland, flat and diluted brew. However, with fresh, whole, loose leaves, you'll enjoy a much higher quality drink with increased nutrient density, and a fuller, more vibrant flavour. 

Mass tea bag production is often done by machine, meaning stems and seeds end up with the leaves causing a bitter brew. Loose leaf tea however requires discerning hands to select and pick the top most tender leaves (known as the flush) which leads to a far more exquisite taste. Freshness is also crucial to brewing a beautiful cup - which is why here at Webster’s, we pay close attention to how our tea is stored and transported. We believe it's always worth putting in the extra mile to source only the best organic tea. You can taste this love with every sip! Read more about what truly goes into each cup of our tea in this recent journal post. 

Something else to mention is that tea bags are usually tightly packed, leaving little room for the tea to expand and release its flavour as it brews. Loose leaf tea, by comparison, has plenty of room to infuse and unfurl, resulting in a more robust and flavourful brew. Next time you brew a pot of tea, we encourage you to slow down and watch the leaves bloom and release their beautiful colours. it's a joy to experience nature and do it's clever thing.


Loose leaf tea

Is loose leaf tea better for the environment?


Unfortunately, there are a plethora of toxic ingredients found in most varieties of tea bags. These include nylon, plastic, bleached paper and string, not to mention metal staples and harmful types of glue used to seal the bags togetherStudies show that around 11 billion micro-plastics and 3.1 billion nanoplastics are released in a single serving of tea when submerged in boiling water. Not in our cup of tea, thank you very much! 


After much research, it appears that most tea bags are not biodegradable. Many end up in our pipes, clogging our drains, and contributing to the mountain of single-use plastic that adds to our building landfill. Just take a moment to consider all the tea bags used around the world daily. And once you think about the packaging, labels, staples, and strings, it all adds to an unnecessary mountain of waste that we could easily avoid!


Instead, brewing a pot (or cup!) of loose-leaf tea, simply by spooning your desired amount into a strainer, you're not only making an eco-friendly choice but also, being more intentional about the kind of life you choose to live. This brings us to our next thought...

Loose leaf tea

Loose leaf tea is the easiest way to enhance your tea drinking ritual.


Now, more than ever, it's so easy to get swept up in the chaos of daily life, forgetting that the small, beautiful moments are just as significant as the seemingly big ones. The more we can learn to slow down and cherish life's simple pleasures, the better our health and wellness will be. 

Here at Webster's, we're convinced that when you become exceptionally good at creating meaningful moments for yourself, life just seems so much easier to handle and enjoy (more on this notion here).  So next time you are feeling overwhelmed or rushed, we encourage you to treat the act of preparing tea as a way of practising mindfulness and self-love. Relish each step of the process: breathe deeply as you wait for the tea to brew, choose your favourite mug, sip slowly, and appreciate the tea's glorious aroma. 


Wishing you the happiest of tea drinking!


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